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Proofread/editing, translation (Japanese, Chinese to English) and project assistance
Have you designed your project yet?
If not, ELIXIGEN is able to provide useful information to help in the design of your protocol. We will recommend advanced books and protocol for you.

Have you experienced some problems in your experiments?
Contact us and send your samples to us; ELIXIGEN will assist in providing you with precise data.

Have you finished your papers?
Don't worry about your English. ELIXIGEN will revise your papers to meet the requirement for proper English terminology and understanding. There is another option, you can send us your paper in Chinese or Japanese and we will convert to proper English for you. Contact us at service@elixigen.com.

Have you had difficulty sending your papers?
ELIXIGEN staff has enough experience to help you select an appropriate and suitable journal in which your paper might find easier acceptance for publication. Contact us.

Do you want to make a presentation in one of the international congresses?

ELIXIGEN will prepare slides or posts for you. We can also make travel arrangements for you so that your time can be better spent in your research work. Contact us.

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